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Hydraulic cylinders – large-scale manufacturing in Rissa

The factory at Rissa, formerly Servi Cylinderservice, was established in 1936 and began producing hydraulic cylinders and accumulators in 1956. Since its inception, our products have been used in the world's harshest climate for very demanding work operations.


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Tailor your own cylinder. Try our cylinder configurator::

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Not sure which cylinder fits your needs? Read about the different variants  

Which cylinder suits your need?

You can tailor standard cylinder in our configurators above. If you don't quite get to the finish line with your wishes, it's possible to leave a comment in the configurator about additional customizations. Our engineers can then customize the design according to your wishes and needs.  

If necessary contact us,and we will find a solution.   

Not sure which cylinder fits your needs? Read about the different variants  

Servi Hybrid Drive

Servi hybrid drive sylinder

Servi Hybrid Drive is a complete cylinder system integrated into one compact unit with an electrical connection. The cylinder is space-saving, safe and extremely energy efficient.

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Overhaul and service

Reperasjon sylinder

Order cylinder overhaul and service

We offer overhaul of all types of cylinders, of all factories. Our 7 service locations in Rissa, Ski, Kristiansand, Stavanger, Bergen, Ulsteinvik and Trondheim have expertise and equipment for overhauling hydraulic cylinders and accumulators. We perform honing of cylinders in Kristiansand, Bergen and Rissa. . 

Our factory in Rissa, outside Trondheim, has Norway's largest raw material warehouse for rapid production of spare parts - such as cylinder rods, pistons, packing boxes, and gaskets.  


The service department overhauls cylinders up to 1,500 mm in diameter and stroke length up to 20 meters. Our state-of-the-art CNC lathes and cylinder hone machines enable us to have fast response and service delivery times.


Do you need spare parts for cylinders?

We can obtain all parts for all types of cylinders. Spare parts for cylinders are mainly seals and liners/bearings. We can also produce steel components, such as a new cylinder rod, packing box and more at the factory in Rissa. In order to assist you with the correct spare part, the cylinder can be delivered to one of our 8 offices in Norway.

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Norsk Coating AS is part of the Servi Group and is located in the same building as our cylinder factory. If needed in customer projects, we hire out professionals and Frosio inspectors Level III. We perform most types of varnishing and surface treatment, including sandblasting and metallization.

Servi overflatebehandling av sylindere - Norsk Coating

Norwegian quality from Rissa

At our factory in Rissa you will find Norway's largest producer of hydraulic cylinders, accumulators and dampers. We have an advanced fleet of machines and a fully integrated MPS system. In addition, we have expertise in construction, hydraulics, machining, welding and materials technology.    

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Watch the video showing production and service facilities, as well as capacities at the factory in Rissa:


Quality and HSE

Our cylinder and accumulator factory was NS-EN ISO-9001:2008 approved in 1993.  

I tillegg har Servi AS, Rissa kvalitetssertifikater i henhold til:  

  • Pressure Directive (PED 2014/68/EU, PED Modules B and D). We design and manufacture accumulators, pressure tanks and dampers in PED. 
  • Approved Presafe 15 ATEX 6670 X, and IECEx PRE 15.0034X certificate (Servi ATEX housing) for cylinders (DNV approved) for use with linear sensors that are not ATEX approved. (ATEX, and IECExII/2G Ex db IIB Gb, T amp. -20°C to +60°C).
  • The company is approved by DNV Presafe 16 ATEX 8296Q.
  • MSA (certification agreement with DNV) 


In addition, the company has welding technical expertise (IWT) and certified welders according to NS-EN 287.


Datasheets and brochures

Find brochures about our hydraulic cylinders: See our brochures

Find data sheets about our cylinders and accumulators: See our data sheets 


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