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Manufacturing organisation
Servi currently has manufacturing plants at five locations in Norway for supplying our various product segments. Our flexible and adaptable organisation enables us to manufacture products to the correct customer specifications. 

We have highly qualified employees who can make efficient use of our advanced assembly of machinery. Having our own manufacturing organisation means that we can control the planning, execution, quality, final inspection and testing of our products.

We emphasise continuous improvement, modernising our production, developing our employees and using the correct tools. This helps us to remain competitive and ensures greater value creation through the whole value chain.

Finn-Ove Kvalsvik
Production Director – Servi Group

Sales and service organisation
Servi Group’s one-hundred-strong sales and service organisation includes skilled sales engineers, technical executives, service engineers and customer service staff. The sales organisation is here to help you make the right choice when it comes to getting the products and services you need. We work continuously to come up with the best user interfaces and cost-efficient solutions for our products. You can find our sales offices in Trondheim, Ski, Rissa, Kongsberg, Ulsteinvik, Bergen, Kristiansand and Stavanger.

The service team can help you solve any problems you’re experiencing with your equipment, whether it involves a recondition or a new purchase. We can offer anything from simple inspections to complex jobs both on and offshore. Our service workshops are located in Trondheim, Ski, Rissa, Ulsteinvik, Bergen, Kristiansand and Stavanger. In order to provide you with the best service, we have developed service concepts that allow us to monitor equipment proactively rather than reactively. As a result, we know when your equipment needs servicing.

Please contact us if you would like to hear more about our products or services.

Nils Fredrik Rusten
Sales and Service Director – Servi Group

Product team
We provide the link between Servi’s manufacturing and sales organisations. 
Servi has Norway’s largest pool of expertise in hydraulics power and motion control and associated technologies. Our mechanical, hydraulic, electrical and automation engineers help our customers improve and streamline their systems and are at the cutting edge of digital platform solutions.

Servi’s technical team is dispersed among our various workstations in Norway in order to minimise our environmental footprint when implementing customer-specified projects. We aim to use the least amount of power possible when producing new or upgrading existing equipment.

Servi’s product specialists are always up to date in their knowledge of components and solutions that meet today's market needs for green technology and sustainable solutions.

Servi’s development division is at the cutting edge in digital platform technology, allowing our customers to utilise current technology for remotely controlling and operating efficient condition-monitoring, thereby making condition-based maintenance as cost-effective as possible.

Servi’s supply chain ensures an environmentally and cost-efficient flow of goods to our customers and global distribution network from our warehouses and manufacturing plants.

Morten Brøvig-Thomassen
CTO – Servi Group

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