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Servi Hybrid Drive – a complete system in a single unit!

The Servi Hybrid Drive is a complete cylinder system integrated into one compact unit with an electrical connection.

A number of technological innovations make the Servi Hybrid Drive a very favourable alternative for a range of applications. The cylinder is space-saving, safe and extremely energy efficient.

An integrated and sealed unit – safe and controllable
An integrated sealed unit makes for a safe and secure system. The minimal risk of the system leaking and affecting its surroundings will increase its lifespan. The Servi Hybrid Drive will typically function at optimum capacity for five years without requiring a service.

Compact size – countless installation possibilities
You can install and operate the Servi Hybrid Drive in any position whatsoever without affecting its optimum performance. Integrated volume compensation provides good hydraulic conditions no matter where the cylinder ends up.

Maximum energy optimisation – reduced noise and energy consumption
Smart technology and sensor monitoring mean that the Servi Hybrid Drive never uses more energy than it needs to do the job. The electric motor is supplied with optimised energy and is cooled by the oil in the system. The motor works efficiently and at optimum speed the whole time, resulting in low power consumption and, ultimately, reduced costs and noise levels.

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