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Servi CleanPump

CleanPump – deadfish pump that does not damage fish farming pens and nets

With no permanent net pen installation or sharp edges that can tear a hole in the net, the Servi CleanPump reduces the risk of fish escape. Its effectiveness also results in less time spent on dead fish handling and more time for profitable tasks.

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In order to meet society’s demand for sustainability and energy-efficient solutions, traditional systems for removing dead fish from net pens are ripe for renewal. We have developed a compact and effective dead fish pump in collaboration with the industry.

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Reduced risk of fish escape 

One of the most important reasons why we developed the CleanPump was to reduce fish escape. 

The escape of fish from fish farms has consequences for resource utilisation and finances and affects the industry’s image. According to, holes in pen nets are responsible for 76 percent of escaped salmon and rainbow trout every year, making it the most common cause of fish escape. Other causes of escape are nets under water, leakage from containers and transport. 

The CleanPump prevents the most common cause of escape from net pens, which is holes in the net. The pump does not require permanent installation on the net pen. It is simply lowered down when in use and then hoisted up again afterwards. All parts that are immersed in the net have rounded corners to ensure that the pump does not tear any holes in the net.


Savings of many hours otherwise spent on dead fish handling 

Manual dead fish handling is traditionally a time-consuming process. The CleanPump provides an effective and automatic solution to pump dead fish out of the net.  

Use of the pump reduces total costs due to easier lice treatment, effective implementation of the dead fish pump, reduced risk of escape and the plug-and-play possibility on most vessels.

Preparation for louse treatment is simplified because there is no permanent device installed in the net pen. This reduces the time spent by the fish farmer on each net pen, as there is no need to remove any devices from the bottom of the net before the delousing vessel arrives.

Servi CleanPump i bruk på Frøya

Easy to set up – easy to customise 

The CleanPump is easy to use: 

  • Can be installed on the majority of boats 
  • Plug-and-play solution that utilises the hydraulic energy of today’s work boats 
  • Operated with a remote control linked to crane hydraulics 
  • Option of hydraulic or electric drive  
  • Dead fish/air hose of up to 70 metres  
  • Effective sieve that removes all water 
  • Can also be mounted together with our monster mills and tanks to further simplify handling 


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  CleanPump - knapp  CleanGrinder - knapp CleanFeed


Servi has set itself the goal of zero accidents. That is why we incorporate safety and security into all of our product designs. The use of the Servi CleanPump does not require any heavy lifting and a single user can control the entire process. When several people are needed to operate a machine, communication problems often have undesirable consequences.  

Read more about our safety philosophy.


Sustainable design 

The product is the result of sustainable development. When farmed fish escape from nets, they enter wild populations, which leads to genetic changes. The pump reduces fish escape, so that future generations can avoid genetic disorders from farmed fish.  

bærekraftig design - verksted servi cleanpump

The machine has few components. The drive unit is powered by an existing system (crane). The choice of components and surface treatment is based on a long service life of the machine. We have also chosen to use acid-resistant AISI 316L materials, which are 100% recyclable, have a longer service life and are more robust than plastic.


Why choose Servi? 

For over 100 years, Servi has built and provided products and services, both at sea and on land. Servi provides energy-efficient and smart solutions to the aquaculture industry. Thanks to our service concept and innovative digital solutions, we can extend the service life of products in harmony with the technology solutions of the future.


Considering a CleanPump to your farm?


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