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HPUs – now with significantly lower energy consumption

Our employees are among the best in Norway when it comes to product and application knowledge in hydraulics. Combining this knowledge with our high-quality products enables us to design and produce the best hydraulic solutions based on customer specifications.

We are the largest supplier of hydraulic systems in Norway, with manufacturing facilities in Trondheim, Ski, Kongsberg and Ulsteinvik. Our large workforce of highly qualified employees installs a variety of units and systems in a range of sizes.  

Our quality assurance system ensures reliable hydraulic deliveries that include drawings, work schedules and final documentation. Production facilities cover a total of 2,500 m² and have a ceiling height of 10 metres. They use a 400 kW power supply and a voltage of 220/380/50 VAC. We have overhead cranes with lifting capacities of 10 tonnes, a separate assembly shop for rust-proof systems and a separate electrical workshop. As part of quality assurance, all equipment undergoes a thorough functional test prior to final delivery.

Servi Green HPU
Servi Green HPU is a vastly improved hydraulics unit. It reduces energy consumption by up to 80 percent, has lower noise levels and results in lower service costs.
Read our brochure on Servi Green HPU

Innovative and smart software solutions combine with an extensive system of sensors to ensure continuous optimisation of power consumption. Optional extras such as Servi Cyclone, Servi Smart Monitoring and Servi Cloud lead to considerably reduced oil tank volumes and enable status monitoring and remote control.
Read our brochure on Servi Smart Monitoring

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