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hydraulic valves and blocks from Servi Group painted in yellow

Robust hydraulic valves and blocks for harsh environments

Our hydraulic blocks are designed to withstand harsh environments in the marine, offshore, hydropower and other challenging industries.

Our advantage is that our blocks are designed from scratch. This means that we can deliver a product built to last in a harsh environment – with stormy weather and extreme temperature and humidity fluctuations.

The technology used in our blocks has been thoroughly tested over many years by the most demanding offshore and marine customers. In our design, we have strengthened the most exposed parts in the block with stainless steel components. This further increases the lifespan of our blocks.


Winch block from Servi GroupCustom blocks from Servi Group

Plug and play – installation and maintenance

The hydraulic blocks are easily installed directly on the winch motor. The entire system is complete and ready for use within no time.

The blocks are also easy to maintain. Predictability is essential when boats, platforms and other facilities are inaccessible for a longer period of time. Our design and documentation takes this into consideration and is why the documentation is user-friendly and the product easy to use, resulting in a block with a longer lifespan and enhanced performance. This is also in line with Servi’s life cycle philosophy.


Have a look at our large-scale production facility in Kongsberg

Our hydraulic valves for the marine sector are mostly used for:

- Cranes
- Offshore/drilling and production
- Seismic vessels
- Merchant vessels
- Fishing vessels
- Winch controls


Painting and testing

Painting and surface treatment to prevent rust

At our factory in Kongsberg, we carry out a wide range of surface treatments, including painting. Painting is important to enhance durability. The paint on the corners of hydraulic blocks tends to wear out quickly, so our blocks have rounded corners to prevent rust from forming. Two layers of component primer are applied before a top colour (of the customer’s choice) is added.

All of our blocks are 100% function and pressure tested in accordance with customer requirements.


Higher valve performance with digitisation (OPAT and HPRS)

Servi provides valve technology that ensures improved accuracy, repeatability, response and performance.
Servi’s range of SAC (Servi Addon Components) supplementary components consists of electronic units with BUS communication – ODC (Onboard Digital Controller) and OPAT (Onboard Profibus Atex Twinsolenoid) – that can be installed directly on the valves (OBE – On Board Electronics). The casings are solid and designed for use in harsh marine and offshore environments.

The SAC program includes an HPRS type (High Performance Range Sensor) sensor that is integrated into the valve. The HPRS contains an LVDT with extraordinary precision and 4-20 mA sensor signal.

Our customers are extremely satisfied with the OPAT and HPRS. Customer machines that already meet high standards of performance and precision double their performance in terms of speed and accuracy after such an upgrade. Also available with ATEX/IECEx certification.

Read more about SAC on


Production at our Kongsberg facility in Norway

Overview of our production in our factory in Kongsberg, Norway

At our factory in Kongsberg, we produce and deliver hydraulic valves and blocks to all corners of the globe. The company was originally established in 1962 under the name Hydranor.

Servi has the largest pool of expertise in hydraulics and power & motion control in Norway and its own production facility for hydraulic valves and blocks, cylinders, accumulators and HPUs.

The 5,300 m2 factory is located in the technological hub of Kongsberg and boasts a modern production facility.

Watch the webinar: Servi valve/block production in Kongsberg

Contact the factory in Kongsberg

Visit us:

Bergmannsveien 241
3615 Kongsberg, Norway

Fabrikken på Kongsberg sett fra utsiden

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