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Pneumatic windscreen wipers

Servi has been manufacturing and supplying pneumatic windscreen wipers for the offshore industry since 1993. Our straight-line version is certified for EX zone 1 and to ATEX II 2G CT6, though we also have pantographic and pendulum versions which work very well for a number of applications.

We offer several different control systems ranging from the simplest of pneumatic systems to our more advanced Servi Vision Control, where we combine PLC and touchscreen options with pneumatic control. SVC also enables us to control other equipment, such as solar protection, wipers and wash systems. 


The wipers ca be operated via pneumatic control panel or with our Servi Vision Control with HMI’s touch sensitive screen. Each HMI may have from one to five wiper zones, each having multiple wipers. The system give the opportunity to select the following operation modes, individually for each wiper zone: 

- Constant wipe. 

- Single swipe. 

- Interval, with three different intervals. 

- Wash. 

- Blow rinse 

- Diming of screen 


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