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Tailor your own cylinder

Tailor your own Cylinder

Try our configurators - and tailor your own cylinder! Click on which cylinder is relevant to you. Unsure which one is right? Keep reading.

Konfigurator av cd25 sylinder Konfigurator av cd10 sylinder Konfigurator av enkel sylinder

           CD25                                  CD10                         Industry cylinder



Which one should I choose?

CD10 - for industry and mobile purposes

A robust double-acting cylinder, designed for working pressure up to 225 bar.

In the configurator it is found in 2 varieties.


CD25 - allround cylinder for marine and offshore applications, but can be used for multiple

A compact and robust double-acting cylinder designed for working pressure up to 250 bar, it is our newest and best-selling standard cylinder. It is certifiable with type authentication capability. It has a flexible gasket system adapted to most needs, such as low friction, high speeds, low or high temperatures, for subsea use, and for media such as mineral oil, water/glycol and HEES.

In the configurator it is found in 35 different varieties.


Simple agricultural/industrial cylinder.

Our simplest and most affordable standard-cylinder range is produced in Denmark. This series consists of three different double-acting cylinders, 250 bar, 400 bar and a completely stainless steel variant up to 200 bar. The cylinder type is not certifiable as there is no material traceability on these. They are best suited for simple industrial and agricultural purposes.

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