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Electrical and control systems

Servi supplies a wide range of electromechanical components and systems. At Servi you will find application knowledge, which allows you to deliver a customized solution to your needs. Together we find the best solution.

Do you need the right product for your application? Servi has the tools and expertise to help you. Don't hesitate to get in touch. 

Don't hesitate to get in touch.

What can we deliver?   


Elektriske aktuatorer

In our online store you can view and shop for electrical mechanics and instrumentation.


Electrical mechanics  


If you cannot find what you are looking for in our online store, feel free to contact us.  

Control Systems 

Local control cabinet

Local Control Cabinet

If you are looking for control systems, we can deliver this from Trondheim, Ulsteinvik, Ski and Kristiansand. We supply the control system, while you provide input/output to the system, such as sensors, motors, cylinders, m.m.


Here's what we can deliver: 

  • PLC / HMI 
  • VFD/ Frequency reforms, Starters  
  • Radio Control 
  • Programming 
  • FAT/Test 
  • Commissioning



Control systems

 Starter cabinet 1
Starter Cabinet 1

In cooperation with mechanical/hydraulic departments, we supply complete control systems. When delivering complete facilities, we deliver the control system itself and input/output to the system. In addition, we can contribute with assembly, test, commissioning and follow-up.

Examples of delivery:

  • Control system  
  • Mechanical/Hydraulic equipment  
  • Installation 
  • FAT/Test 
  • Comissioning


Service og support

Service og support fra Servi Group

If you need support or service at your facility, we may deliver this at facilities provided by us, or provided by others (then with some conditions). We can either do this by remote control (via the internet) or by coming out to the facility.

Delivery of equipment provided by us or others:

  • Troubleshooting on electrical/automation  
  • Coupling  
  • Sensors  
  • Setup/Configuration  
  • Software 


Book service



If you want a complete system, there is often a need for design/engineering. This is also a service you can get from us. We use ePlan for schematics. 

Typical deliveries are:

    • Sub block diagram 
    • Single line diagram  
    • Wiring diagram 
    • GA/Layout of boards 

Need help finding the right products for what to solve. For example, the right sensor or cable – we can help with this. 


EX, EMC and Machine safety 

We have extensive experience with applications for EX area and have delivered such solutions all over the world over the past 40 years. We are familiar with reading heavy specifications and creating solutions that meet strict requirements. We also help you find solutions that meet machine safety and EMC requirements

Cabinets and enclosures

We supply cabinets manufactured according to our drawings and specifications. With our experience and expertise, we ensure that products delivered from us are thoroughly tested and checked before they are shipped to our customers. In addition, we check that the cabinets are built according to norms and regulations. Cabinets are delivered with necessary documentation.

Our department in Ulsteinvik builds the boards you need. 


We deliver solutions to most applications and industries. Please contact us for more information on how we can find the best solution for your particular application. 

24/7 Service - T +47 64 97 97 00
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