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Ship in storm - Schip technic – for extreme conditions

Ship technic – for extreme conditions

Servi has extensive experience as a supplier of marine technical equipment - to large ships and smaller boats. Good quality, advanced – but user-friendly smart systems, solid expertise and flexible solutions are some of the characteristics of our delivery.

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Did you know?

Our business within components for ships can be traced all the way back to the establishment of the Atlas A/S engineering business in Kristiania (Oslo) in 1912, which today is called Servi Group. 

Our products

Good quality products, flexible solutions, which are easily integrated with other people's systems – are some of the characteristics of the products we supply. Read more about our products by clicking on:


  1. Servi Vision Control
  2. Servi  - Pneumatic wipers
  3. WYNN/ B. Hepworth - electrical wipers and control systems
  4. Harsonic – ultrasonic antigro system
  5. KELVION  - Heat Exchangers
  6. MME - ICAF, ICCP and Anodes
  7. Kahlenberg - Horns
  8. Solarglide - Sunscreens and curtains
  9. Seabright - Marine & Industrial Lighting

Norwegian quality 

In addition to representing world-renowned manufacturers, we also design and manufacture from our premises in Ulsteinvik.  Here we build our own controls and pneumatic windscreen wipers and sew together several products into efficient and profitable systems.

We also supply equipment for offshore, aquaculture, defence, renewable energy and more.

Servi Ulsteinvik selger og produserer skipsteknisk utstyr
In Ulsteinvik: With a sea view; we produce and design efficient and smart solutions for ships.


We build Utstyr from world-renowned manufacturers, among others:

  • Kelvion 
  • B. Hepworth / Wynn 
  • Harsonic  
  • Seabright
  • MME 
  • Solarglide 
  • Kahlenberg 
  • Servi Vision Control 

Read more about these at


Read our brochure on ship technic: See our brochures


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