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Servi CleanGriner

Servi CleanGrinder – save time and money

The Servi CleanGrinder saves both time and money. The grinder is designed to specific capacity and other needs. With its user-friendly operation and automatic processes, the CleanGrinder is one of the best grinders on the market.

Dead fish handling is a time-consuming task, so a good grinder is key to cost reduction. In recent years, we have upgraded the grinders at several locations in order to increase capacity.

The Servi CleanGrinder is CE marked with a plug-and-play solution in acid-resistant and durable materials. The teeth are designed to grab hold of the fish effectively without a problem.


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Servi has set itself the goal of zero accidents. That is why we incorporate safety and security into all of our product designs. The use of the Servi CleanPump does not require any heavy lifting and a single user can control the entire process. When several people are needed to operate a machine, communication problems often have undesirable consequences.  

Read more about our safety philosophy.

Sustainable design 

The product is the result of sustainable development. When farmed fish escape from nets, they enter wild populations, which leads to genetic changes. The pump reduces fish escape, so that future generations can avoid genetic disorders from farmed fish.  

The machine has few components. The drive unit is powered by an existing system (crane). The choice of components and surface treatment is based on a long service life of the machine. We have also chosen to use acid-resistant AISI 316L materials, which are 100% recyclable, have a longer service life and are more robust than plastic.

Why choose Servi? 

For over 100 years, Servi has built and provided products and services, both at sea and on land. Servi provides energy-efficient and smart solutions to the aquaculture industry. Thanks to our service concept and innovative digital solutions, we can extend the service life of products in harmony with the technology solutions of the future.

Contact one of our aquaculture specialists. 

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