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Our service centres

Servi Group has seven service centres covering the whole of Norway. Furthermore, we can provide service to our customers anywhere in the world.

Servi AS, Rissa
Service Manager: Stig Vebjørn Nilsen
(+47) 988 05 378

Our division in Rissa, Trondheim is the biggest development and production environment in the country for large hydraulic cylinders, piston accumulators and shock absorbers. We manufacture, among other things, customised cylinders ranging from 20 to 1500 mm in diameter and up to 20 metres in length.

– Servicing and modification of cylinders and piston accumulators of any size
– Field and ad-hoc servicing of critical problems in cylinders and piston accumulators
– Flushing and pressure testing
– Modification and retrofitting of hydraulic cylinders and accumulators
– Painting and coating services in accordance with industrial, marine, hydroelectric, defence and offshore standards

Servi AS, Kristiansand
Service Manager: Sverre Morten Larsen
(+47) 905 01 034

Servi AS, Ski
Serviceleder: Trine-Lise Myhre
(+47 916 38 206)

Servi AS, Stavanger
Service Manager: Kåre Stangborli
(+47) 902 15 106

Servi AS, Bergen (Askøy)
Service Manager: Frode Karlsen
(+47) 934 56 607

Servi AS, Trondheim
Serviceleder: Bjørn Arild Gården
(+47) 412 22 197

Servi Ulsteinvik AS, Ulsteinvik
Service Manager: Roy Magne Haugland
(+47) 950 22 422

Our services
– Oil analysis 
– Root cause analysis 
– Consultancy 
– Engineering/FEED engineering 
– Major servicing and modification work on hydraulic systems 
– Field and ad-hoc servicing of critical problems in hydraulic systems 
– Cylinder servicing 
– Accumulator servicing 
– Pump, motor and valve servicing 
– Hose and pipe system servicing 
– Flushing and pressure testing 
– PLC system servicing 
– Modification and retrofitting of hydraulic and pipe systems

24/7 Service - T +47 64 97 97 00
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