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More energy efficient: The new Hydranor 12MB winch block

Surviving harsh environments for 60 years and counting. The new Hydranor 12MB winch block: Designed to reduce energy consumption and meet today's market needs within green technology.

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The advanced 12MB block is built on 6MB's innovative design as the world's first integrated winch block with:

  • Unique options for adjustments of winch performance
  • Unique design tension system for optimal energy efficiency
  • New design anti cavitation system with positive feeding from P (System operating pressure)
  • Modular designed block with dual flow capability
  • Dedicated LS port (Load sence port) for energy saving in hydraulic systems
  • Hydraulic brake release valve for better adjustment and control
  • Excellent for use in motion compensating systems with Servi Addon Components (SAC)


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hydraulic valve in production environment

60 years og quality winch blocks from Servi

Servi winch blocks are designed for marine use. They perform at maximum capacity in harsh environments at sea, year after year.

Sustainable design

  • Low-carbon footprint manufacturing in Norway
  • All material used in 12MB can be recycled
  • Long service life - estimated 20 years+
  • Modular design with all valves built in ensuring less leak points than stand-alone components
  • Compatible with biodegradable hydraulic fluids
  • Optimized design for lower internal pressure drop and lower energy consumption

hydraulic valve blocks - two employees

Servi Hydranor winch blocks follow our life cycle philosophy. Our build quality along with proper maintenance are key to ensuring that Servi Hydranor winch blocks achieve a long service life.

The winch block design is made for easy installation and operation. Servi's detailed documentation makes it easy for crew to carry out maintenance onboard.

We strive to continuously improve our design, while still maintaining excellent quality and world wide availability of spare parts.

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Why choose a Hydranor Winch block?

  • Five different models
  • Capacity from 30 litres to 1,500 litres
  • Models for fixed or variable pump systems
  • Always pressure-compensated flow/spool
  • Always load-holding valve and cross-over pressure limitation
  • Always with mooring/torque control
  • Always prepared for electric/hydraulic control

winch blocks from servi group

About Servi and the Kongsberg factory

Servi has the largest pool of expertise in power and motion control in Norway and its own production facility for hydraulic valves, valve blocks, manifolds, cylinders, accumulators and HPUs.

At our factory in Kongsberg, we manufacture hydraulic valves, valve blocks and manifolds for delivery world wide. The company was originally established in 1962 under the name Hydranor.

The 5,300 m2 factory sits in the technological hub of Kongsberg with a state of the art machining facility.

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