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High-quality surface finishing

By merging Servi Group and Norsk Coating, we provide high-quality surface finishing for both domestic and international customers. Thanks to our strategic partners in surface treatment, we are able to deliver products of a very high quality. We have a number of technicians who are highly skilled in surface finishing as well as employees with Level III FROSIO certification.

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Our painting booths, drying cabins, paint mixing room and blast cleaning cabinets have operating panels for controlling the temperature and climate. This enables us to optimise the climate for the various paint systems we use. We hand-pick from among the best paint systems when surface-finishing our customers’ products.

– 1 sandblasting cabin
– 1 blasting and metal coating cabin for applying zinc and aluminium 
– 2 painting cabins with combined spraying and drying booths 
– 1 painting cabin with spray booth
– 1 mixing and pump room with cleaning stations for paint equipment
– 1 drying cabin

We can accommodate objects up to 5 metres wide, 13.5 metres long and 3.9 metres high in our booths.

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