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Order a free oil sample case

Oil analysis and sampling

Servi Oil Laboratory offers consulting, interpreting and assessing hydraulic and lubricating oils. Combining oil and system cleaning with our oil analysis offering prevents maintenance and ensures maximum uptime.

About 80% of the problems that occur in a hydraulic system are due to poor oil quality. Regular oil analysis reduce the risk of downtime and the costs this entails.

Our oil laboratory houses facilities for all types of comprehensive oil analyses for inspecting the condition of oil and providing lubrication engineering advice. Work includes the use of an electron microscope (SEM-EDS) for the examination of materials. We also conduct bacterial examinations of all types of oil.


Order a free oil sample case

Oljeanalyse hos Servi Group

The oil sample should be as representative as possible of the system

  • In order to obtain representative and repeatable samples from the system, the sample is taken in a closed system.
    • Samples from hydraulic pumps and motors are taken in the pump drainage line.
    • Alternatively, the sample is taken in the pressure line between the pump and the pressure filter.
    • Ask Servi, we advise on sampling point location and recommended cleaning levels

Find price list and brochure about oil laboratory: See our brochures

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Order a free oil sample case

Please contact us to receive an oil testing kit containing bottles and other accessories. Kits contain either 6 or 18 bottles and we can guarantee a response within 48 hours.

Oil samples are perishable, so it is important that you send us your sample as soon as possible.

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