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Solar screens/ Blackouts/ Dimouts​

The best way to protect your eyes, sleep and comfort​.

Solar screens cassetted and non cassetted – electric or manual controlled 

  • Solar screens dramatically reduce the incoming solar heat by up to 15°C as well as reducing glare from the sun by 93%.  
  • The screens are in obtrusive and allow the officers and crew clear visibility whilst navigating the ship. This is an important safety criteria, as 100% visibility must be maintained when the screens are in use, in order not to jeopardise the ship’s safety. 



  • There are occasions when it is necessary to turn day into night. Crew members or passengers who need to sleep during daylight hours can rely on the Cat 3 blackout screen to eliminate 99.9% of external light. 



  • Dimout screen fabrics are available in an appealing range of colours and textures to enhance the décor of any vessel.  
  • Sunlight can pass through them but it’s impact is diminished by a measured amount. Solar glare can be reduced by up to 65%, while up to 89% of solar energy can be blocked.  


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