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Servi Addon Components

SAC - Servi Addon Components, the latest in design for upgrading control systems

By upgrading conventional proportional valves we have managed to increase the performance significantly, making an already great valve superb.

SAC, Servi Addon Components - presentation and user manual/datasheets

Servi provides valve technology that ensures improved accuracy, repeatability, response and performance.
Servi’s range of SAC (Servi Addon Components) supplementary components consists of electronic units with BUS communication – ODC (Onboard Digital Controller) and OPAT (Onboard Profibus Atex Twinsolenoid) – that can be installed directly on the valves (OBE – On Board Electronics). The casings are solid and designed for use in harsh marine and offshore environments.

The SAC program includes an HPRS type (High Performance Range Sensor) sensor that is integrated into the valve. The HPRS contains an LVDT with extraordinary precision and 4-20 mA sensor signal.

Our customers are extremely satisfied with the OPAT and HPRS. Customer machines that already meet high standards of performance and precision double their performance in terms of speed and accuracy after such an upgrade. Also available with ATEX/IECEx certification.

- Electronic components for precise regulation of proportional valves
- Modular design allows easy assembly directly on the valves (OBE)
- Field upgrade of valves possible
- Approved for usage in explosive environment up to Ex zone 1
- Modern 16 bit controller with power reserve
- Extension flexibility by software and hardware
- Easy parameterization via PC-tool
- Very good corrosion protection


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