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Servi Green HPU – save on energy and service cost

Servi Green HPU is a vastly improved hydraulics unit. It reduces energy consumption up to 80 percent, has lower noise levels and results in lower service costs.

Innovative smart software solutions combine with an extensive system of sensors to ensure continuous optimisation of power consumption. 

Maximum energy optimisation – reduced noise and energy consumption
With its smart technology and sensor monitoring, Servi Green HPU never uses more energy than it needs to do the job. Frequency control allows the electric motor to work efficiently at optimal speed the whole time. This results in reduced and controlled energy consumption, which in turn leads to reduced costs and heat and noise levels.

Advanced software – predictable and controlled energy consumption
The combination of active frequency control of the motor’s speed and an advanced software system provides predictable and measured energy consumption. The system allows much of the reactive power to be removed to avoid loading the power supply. This will reduce energy consumption.

Upgrade existing facilities with energy-smart technology

Servi's energy-smart technology can also be retrofitted to an existing plant. Our service technicians can make adjustments to make your facility far more efficient.

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Green HPU - front and back

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