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The winch blocks from Servi is designed for the marine environment and can handle harsh environments

Winch blocks designed for a marine environment

Servi winch blocks are designed from scratch for marine conditions in order to perform at maximum capacity in harsh environments at sea, year after year.

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Robust design

Our advantage is that our blocks are designed from scratch for a maritime environment. This means that we can deliver a product that will last longer in a harsh maritime climate with stormy weather and extreme temperature and humidity fluctuations.

Since our establishment as Hydranor in 1962, we have delivered robust and highly durable blocks with extra rust protection. The technology used in our blocks has been thoroughly tested over many years by the most demanding offshore and marine customers. In our design, we have strengthened the most exposed parts in the block with stainless steel components. This further increases the lifespan of our winch blocks.

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Employee works with a winch block

Easy maintenance – longer lifespan

Servi winch blocks are consistent with our life cycle philosophy. Maintenance and quality are key to ensuring that our winch blocks last as long as possible. In our design and documentation, we have made it easy to install and maintain our winch blocks for the crew/users on board.


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This includes taking into consideration the fact that the winch blocks will be used out at sea for months on end without the possibility to make repairs.

With a design that remains virtually unchanged year after year, we ensure excellent quality and continuous access to essential spare parts.

Employe works at the factory producing winch blocks  i Kongsberg, Norway

Turnkey system – plug and play

A winch block comprises the complete hydraulic system that is needed to operate the winch. This means that no extra hydraulic valves are needed. The hydraulic block is installed directly on or next to the winch. Few pipes are needed, resulting in fast installation and few leaks. Our winch blocks are compact and easy to use.


What is a winch block?

WINCH: A winch is a drum with a wire or rope and a handle that can wind and slacken the rope or wire. A winch can be used to moor a vessel or lift a heavy load, such as pulling up an anchor or fishing net. Every device with a motor (such as a drum) is a winch. A winch requires a winch block to function.

WINCH BLOCK: A winch block controls the winch and can be combined with all types of winches. It can be used for a wide range of applications, from a crane or truck to offshore operations and the mooring of boats.

Two employee walks with a block in the hand at the factory

Features of our winch blocks

We supply everything from small blocks that are used on small fishing boats to large winch blocks for offshore use.

Advantages of our winch blocks:
- Five different sizes
- Capacity of 30 litres to 1,500 litres
- For fixed or variable pumps
- Always pressure-compensated flow/spool
- Always load-holding valve and cross-over pressure limitation
- Always mooring/torque control
- Always prepared for electric/hydraulic control

Additional options:
- Hydraulic/pilot cotrol
- Brake control
- Two-speed
- Mooring function
- Boost/make-up valve


Higher valve performance with digitisation 

All of our hydraulic products can in adition to hydraulic remote control be delivered with:

  • Open loop electric remote control
  • Closed loop digital remote control 

We use Servi’s own developed valve technologyresulting in higher accuracy, repeatability, responsiveness, and performance. 

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Painting and testing

Surface treatment - paint a block yellow in our factory in Kongsberg

At our factory in Kongsberg, we carry out a wide range of surface treatments, including painting. Painting is important to enhance durability. The paint on the corners of hydraulic blocks tends to wear out quickly, so our blocks have rounded corners to prevent rust from forming. Two layers of component primer are applied before a top colour (of the customer’s choice) is added.

All of our blocks are 100% function and pressure tested in accordance with customer requirements.


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