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Logo main suppliers

Main suppliers

Servi supplies components from the world’s leading manufacturers of hydraulic and other industrial products. Combining these with our own components and solutions gives us the flexibility to design and deliver highly customised solutions. Where customers require only one component, we can offer them a selection from the best suppliers. In addition to our own products, Servi is a main distributor for the following suppliers.

Hydraulics suppliers:

Atos is the largest manufacturer of electrohydraulic valves in Italy. 
The company is especially known in Norway for its product range of on/off valves and digital proportioning valves covered by ATEX, IECx, UL, MA and intrinsic safety certification (Ex ia in relation to ATEX and IECEx certification).
Servi is a Norwegian distributor for Atos.

HAWE is one of the largest manufacturers of proportional directional valves in the world.
The company is especially known in Norway for its plate-mounted directional valves for on and offshore industry.
Hawe products can also be supplied with ATEX and IECEx certification.
Servi has in cooperation with Hawe and HCS developed a programme of valve control components named  Servi Addon Components, see "In-house Production"
Servi is a the only distributor for Hawe products in Norway.

Kawasaki is best known in Norway for its radial piston motors, which previously went under the name of Staffa.
Staffa motors are used exclusively in marine and industrial applications, such as deck machinery and offshore winches.
When it comes to axial piston pump efficiency and performance, Kawasaki is one of the world’s leading manufacturers.
Servi is the only distributor for Kawasaki in Norway.

Marzocchi has been designing gear motors and pumps for 57 years and is currently one of the leading brands in this market. The company is especially known for its range of ELIKA products, which reduce noise levels by as much as 15 dB when compared to traditional gear pumps. Gear pumps have a maximum working pressure of 300 bar. Servi is the only distributor for Marzocchi in Norway.

MP Filtri has been developing filtration products for hydraulic fluids for 55 years. The company offers a complete product range in hydraulic filters. MP Filtri also supplies ISO 4406-compliant filter housings in stainless steel, for use as process filters for protecting individual valves or complete hydraulic systems from contamination. 
Servi is a Norwegian distributor for MP Filtri.

Sun Hydraulics is a subsidiary company of Helios Technologies and is currently one of the world’s largest manufacturers of cartridge valves. Sun Hydraulics is best known for its unique free-floating design, which enables Sun cartridge valves to tolerate greater bore eccentricity without reducing function.
Servi is the only Norwegian distributor for Sun Hydraulics.

Electro and automation

HCS is well-known in Norway for its product range in digital amplifier and control cards (DAC), digital amplifier and control modules (DMA) and digital on-board amplifiers and controllers (ODC).
Servi and HCS have worked in partnership to develop a digital amplifier and control module (DMA) specifically adapted to control Hawe proportional valves. HCS is also a dealer for Servi digital amplifiers and controllers (ODC) in Germany. Servi is the sole distributor in Norway for HCS products.

Pneumatics suppliers:


Metal Work is our main supplier of pneumatics. The Italian manufacturer has over 50 years of experience and 1,100 employees worldwide. The company supplies innovative pneumatic components produced in Italy. Servi has the only franchise in Norway and it can supply components or complete systems to the customer’s specifications.

Vmeca has 25 years of experience in the vacuum technology industry and is now one of the market leaders. It supplies a wide range of suction cups, ejectors, filters, grippers, conveyors and accessories. Servi is a Norwegian distributor offering short delivery times on components and complete systems.

The Globe Group has been supplying air motors complete with gears, brakes and manual or pilot-operated valves since 1986. It also produces gas boosters, testing equipment and complete systems. Our air-driven systems can supply up to 3850 bar test pressure with a 7 bar compressed air supply.

Suppliers of shock absorbers and vibration dampers:

Servi supplies a wide range of ITT Enidine shock absorbers and vibration dampers for industrial and offshore use. We can isolate vibrations in anything from the smallest electronics cabinet up to the largest generator enclosures and provide energy absorption for the smallest of shocks up to the heavy duty requirements of crane buffers and suspended loads. Enidine has been developing products that extend equipment life, improve comfort and increase safety and reliability for 50 years.

Suppliers of plain bearings:

is the world’s largest manufacture of plain bearings. GGB was previously known as Glacier Garlock Bearings. The most famous GGB plain bearing material is DU®, which has held a unique position in the market since 1956. In addition to DU®, GGB also supplies maintenance-free and self-lubricating plain bearings made from other materials, including materials that can be used with oils and fats. As a GGB distributor, Servi has been supplying Norwegian industry with GGB plain bearings for more than 70 years.

Supplier of oil refiner system

COT Clean Oil Technology

COT is a Swedish public limited liability Company based in Ljungby, Sweden. The Company develops and markets patented Technology for continuous reduction of water contamination in lubricating and hydraulic oils during of the industrial Equipments.

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