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Quality and safety

Quality assurance – from design to finished product, Servi Group always delivers the best possible solution for meeting the customer’s needs, and we never stop in our efforts to improve and offer our customers added value. We identify our customer’s requirements and needs in order to provide the best total solution. Collaboration within the group allows us to offer and maintain a comprehensive range of products for our customers. We operate internationally, following our customers into new markets, and we can offer them profitable solutions for use in their service and maintenance work.

We use continuous skills development to maintain a leading position within our main areas of expertise. Every delivery is on time and to the specified quality.

Servi Group’s quality assurance system is certified according to ISO 9001:2015.

The management process encompasses quality control, management responsibilities, monitoring and measurement, improvement and non-conformance. It also considers how we work with our products and suppliers.

These processes describe how we perform various tasks connected with the flow of goods and communication and includes processes relating to sales, projects, documentation, design and construction, purchasing, warehousing, production and servicing.

These are processes relating to finance, the maintenance of internal equipment and IT services.

– ISO 9001-2015 – Servi AS
– ISO 9001-2015 – Servi Ulsteinvik AS
– Achilles JQS
– ATEX – flameproof enclosure for electromechanical control units_1 – Servi Ski
– ATEX – flameproof enclosure for electromechanical control units_2 – Servi Ski
– ATEX – flameproof sensor housing for cylinders, accumulators and dampers_1 – Servi Rissa
– ATEX – flameproof sensor housing for cylinders, accumulators and dampers_2 – Servi Rissa
– MSA – DNVGL – agreement covering the certification of cylinders – Servi Rissa
– PED-module B – Servi Rissa
– PED-module D – Servi Rissa
– DNVGL type approval certificate for CD20 – Servi Rissa
– DNVGL welding workshop approval certificate – Servi Rissa


OUR VISION IS FOR ZERO INJURIES – We emphasise the prevention of personal injuries, accidents and work-related illness. The objective of zero injuries has become part of how we think and work, and part of our strenuous efforts for continuous improvement. 

Anybody (i.e. employees at all organisational levels, contract personnel, and visitors, etc.) has the authority to stop work (SWA). This is an opportunity and obligation for anyone to stop situations that could be dangerous. We work continuously to prevent work-related injuries and ill health.

We have clear expectations that all incidents should be recorded and followed up. In order to identify and minimise root causes, the most serious incidents are always investigated to help us learn from them. We use safety as a means of ensuring that Servi remains a robust company that achieves its goals. We do this by protecting our employees, our assets and our business.

We consider environmental protection to be an integral part of our activities. We promote good health on a daily basis and work continuously to improve our environmental activities, minimise the company’s environmental impact and save resources wherever possible.

The HSE handbook is incorporated into Servi’s management system and provides an overview of Norwegian laws and regulations as well as our own internal requirements for health, safety, security and the environment. It has been designed in accordance with the environmental management standard ISO 14001 and the occupational health and safety standard ISO 45001.

Each Servi Group workplace actively and systematically works towards a common goal of creating a physically, mentally and socially sound workplace that provides personal development opportunities for all its employees.

– Servi Group – Environmental policy 
– Servi Group – Working environment policy

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