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Wiper systems


drill cabin viper system

Pneumatic powered wipers

Custom design and manufacture of pneumatic wipers-/flushing systems for Ex-zones, for offshore rigs, cranes, etc. Custom design and manufacture of pneumatic controllers to fire-ports and doors. Design expertise in pneumatic control systems.





wynn viper systems


Wiper Systems

From two of the world's leading manufacturers of "clear vision" equipment for ships and industrial use - Wynn Marine and Hepworth Marine. Wipers in "Straight Line", pantograph and pendulum types and rotating windows.

  • High quality provides high reliability in all conditions

  • Spare parts are available worldwide

  • 2 year warranty

Datablad series 1000
Datablad 80 Nm
Datablad Straight line type D
Datablad 30 Nm
Datablad 50 Nm
Datablad 70 Nm
Datablad series 2000
Datablad Straight line type C