Service and Maintainance

Wiper systems

ELECTRICAL WIPERS FOR MARINE USE Servi offers "straight line", pantograph and pendulum type wipers, as well as rotating windows, from the world's leading manufacturer of "clear vision" equipment for ships and industrial use - Hepworth Marine. High quality ensures reliable operation in all conditions. Spare parts are readily available across the world, making Servi a household name in shipping companies and shipyards all over. If you need further information about our products, please contact Karl Petter Tømmerstøl - T +47 70 31 85 69 /

Servi has delivered cost-efficient wiper systems to the international oil industry for more than 20 years. Their long operational life, simple installation and low air consumption make them an easy choice.  

”Straight Line” wipers are certified for use in Gas Ex Zone 1. Servi designs and manufactures customised pneumatic wiper and washer systems for use in driller’s cabins, crane cabins, helicopter cockpits etc. 

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