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Suction cups

 Vmeca suction cups      

New suction cup from VMECA, MAGIC

Can replace when sealing lip is worn out 
Easy and fast replacement 
Easy replacement with different size of sealing lip when change the object 
X type sealing lip, extremely good to handle thin plastic.


 New suction cups from Vmeca dual lip structure

New suction cups from Vmeca, dual lip structure

Excellent for irregular curved surface and rough surface. 
Dual lip structure to increase safety caused by lip worn an torn. 

Excellent lifting force in both horizontal and vertical application. 
Dual lip structure to increase safety caused by lip worn and torn

Datasheet (BL5040)

Datasheet (LF-series) 

 Suction Cups, type VOBF - VBU - VBX Suction Cups, type VOBF - VBU - VBX

One of the world's leading producers of vacuum products. Suction cups (bellows and flat) with size from 1.5 mm to 400 mm. The cups has different materials and fittings to suit the application. We also have a large selection of level compensators, both standard and non-rotating, and ball joints, etc.

  • Choose the model depending on the shape of object to lift.
  • Choose the size of the cup based on the weight of the object to lift.
  • Choose lie material of the cup based on the working environment and surface texture.
  • Select the fitting size to suit the application.
  • Select the accessory depending on the applicationi.e.. level compensator or ball joint.

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