Service and Maintainance



Right from the start, our products have been used in some of the world’s roughest climates and in highly demanding conditions. In order to meet the quality requirements our customers expect, we are continually working to develop our products further. Our customers are found within the offshore, marine/shipping, hydropower, melting and general industry sectors. We have a state-of-the art surface treatment facility and offer all kinds of surface treatment (painting). We deliver all necessary documentation, ranging from single certificates to complex documentation packages. Servi’s cylinder factory was ISO-9001 certified in 1993. 

Approvals and Certificates
 - Type approval certificate for hydraulic cylinders up to Ø700 mm - Manufacturing Survey Arrangement: MSA NO R-3457 - EC Type certificate: DNV-2007 OSL-ATEX-3520X, rev 2.



Servi offers a wide range of standard hydraulic cylinders with piston diameters ranging from Ø32 mm to Ø400 mm and stroke length up to 20 m depending on dimension and design. These are all available with various interfaces as standard. Our CD25 cylinder is certified by DnV for pressures up to 250 bar depending on stroke length. It is designed for harsh offshore and marine environments, but is also suitable for industrial applications. An extra rod seal groove in the stuffing box also makes it suitable for subsea use. You can design your own CD25 using our online drawing tool - We deliver cylinders with ABS, DNV-GL, Lloyds, BV and other approvals on request.
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Special cylinders - We manufacture cylinders for a variety of purposes within offshore, hydropower, marine/shipping, subsea and land based industry applications. Our range covers cylinders of various designs, dimensions, pressure categories, materials, integrated valves and sensors, and also includes servo motors for water turbines, as well as tension cylinders for risers on floating platforms. We supply special cylinders with piston diameters Ø 20–1500mm, stroke lengths up to 20 m depending on dimension and pressures up to 1000 bar. We also supply customised solutions with valve blocks or manifolds integrated or mounted on cylinders - both black and stainless steel finishes. Max total weight of 32 T lifting capacity. Servi strives to work as closely with the customer as possible to be able to meet their exact needs and requirements.

Telescopic cylinders - We design and manufacture telescopic cylinders for any purpose.

Single operated / Plunger cylinders - We have long experience in supplying plunger cylinders for lifting of bow ports, ramps, ferry berths etc. We deliver cylinders with ABS, DNV-GL, Lloyds, BV and other approvals on request.


EHA - Electro Hydrostatic Actuator
A combination of electric and hydraulic actuation. Uses a hydraulic pump and an electrical motor mounted on a hydraulic cylinder. Lifting capasity 300 kN. - High force density - Energy efficiency - Environmental cleanliness - Same interface as a standard hydraulic or electric linear actuator Unlike an electric actuator, Servi Electro Hydrostatic technology (hybrid) requires no screws or gearing. It differs from hydraulic actuators in that it requires no external hydraulic piping, thereby reducing cost and improving reliability. The system is fully self-contained as all hydraulic and electric components are highly integrated in the actuator assembly. Servi Electro Hydrostatic Actuators receive power from an electric source by wire and transform a typically electronic input command signal into motion. EHA uses fluidic transmission between the electric motor and actuator. Motors rotate only when movement is demanded, saving energy and wear. The speed or force can be controlled stepless in both directions with use of frequency regulated el. motor or a DC motor.


SERVIs department in Rissa has extensive experience in repairing and servicing all types of cylinders, accumulators and hydraulic dampers. We machine and hone cylinder tubes, overhaul piston rods, and perform desired upgrades and improvements to existing products. We can also perform design changes with new technical calculations and updated drawings and documentation. BEFORE AND AFTER OVERHAUL (see picture above) After an overhaul at the factory in Rissa, we provide a new guarantee on the product. We also take on small service assignments, such as inspections and seal changes, at our other six service centres - as well as on-site at the customer’s location, if possible.

A large stock of spare parts, including seals, ensures a short turnaround time for repaired cylinders and accumulators.


The cylinder factory in Rissa is Norway’s largest, and has state of the art facilities for manufacturing, honing and other services on cylinders and accumulators. We do cylinders ranging from Ø20 mm to Ø1500 mm, with lengths up to 20,000 mm. When overhauling larger cylinders, honing is standard procedure! Download brochure

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