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Service agreements with Servi – safe, simple and profitable

Focus on your company’s core business and let Servi take care of your maintenance. Our Servi Lifecycle Services agreements include inspection and status testing based on operating patterns and environment. This ensures maximum uptime and a longer service life for your installation.

SLS agreements are safe and speedy
Continuous monitoring of oil quality can reveal up to 80 percent of faults arising in hydraulic systems at an early stage. Preventive maintenance, such as oil analysis, status testing and monitoring, ensures optimum operation and uptime, reduces energy consumption and minimises unnecessary usage of parts. With an SLS agreement, you will also receive priority treatment should your hydraulic system need critical servicing. 

SLS agreements are simple
Through an SLS agreement, we can work together to create a complete maintenance plan for your installation. Our status testing includes 16-40 checkpoints (depending on the installation’s size) to ensure good uptime. We can also take responsibility for the development/design, production, testing and commissioning of hydraulic equipment should this be necessary.

SLS agreements are profitable
Our SLS agreements ensure good operational performance, stability and user-friendliness over the lifetime of the facility. At the same time, the facility’s HSE requirements are met, eliminating accidents and disasters. The agreement also ensures that the facility can be updated and modified at a later stage of its lifecycle.

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