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Servi Monitor - Condition-based maintenance in real-time of your machine

Servi Monitor – Smart machine monitoring

Digitalization makes it possible to streamline the use of resources and optimise the maintenance of your machine. Servi Monitor enables condition-based maintenance through real-time alerts, recommendations and historical trends.

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Until now, machine data such as temperature changes, air pressure and oil quality has primarily been obtained through manual service. By utilising smart sensors, cloud technology and system knowledge from Servi, we can retrieve valuable digital data that significantly streamlines your machine monitoring.


Condition-based maintenance means servicing equipment and machinery when needed. In effect this involves automatic maintenance processes using advanced data analysis and continuous predictions based on sensor data.
Source: Tekna

Reduced travel time, inspections and reporting

The digitalization of repetitive manual tasks, such as travel time, inspections and reporting, are all automated in the Servi Monitor. This leads to both enormous savings and value creation as a result of:

  • Reduced burden on service staff and the environment
  • Improved safty due to less dependence on human resources
  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced absenteeism due to wear and tear injuries


A complete overview of the condition of your machines helps you achieve tremendous resource savings in terms of downtime, maintenance and energy consumption.

Estimated resource savings condition-based maintenance

Data creates value. The possibilities to use resources more smartly are extensive. When switching from manual condition monitoring to the Servi Monitor, we estimate the following resource savings. These estimates are based on internal analyses reasearch from McKinsey and experiences from Cognite

Full control over your machinery

Get alarms on your phone when your machine needs service

In line with your schedule and quality standards, you can consult Servi Monitor and access real-time and historical data on your machine. We can also configure alerts, so that Servi Monitor monitors the condition of your machine continuously:

  • Servi Monitor can retrieve critical values and compare them to previous measurements. This analysis can be incorporated into auto-generated reports at your desired frequency.
  • Thanks to Servi’s system knowledge, we can also install equipment for auto-testing operations that are currently carried out manually.
  • If a negative development is identified, that for example requires physical service, you are alerted by an alarm sent by email or text message.


To configure the right monitoring for your machines, Servi provides guidance and determines which values should be measured to ensure optimal maintenance. We know the types of inducators that should be checked and what actions to take and when to ensure that the machine has both a longer service life and improved performance.
Morten Brøvig-Thomassen, CTO of the Servi Group


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Valuable and diverse analytical possibilities

Servi Monitor can retrieve data from physical measurement points on the machine, such as oil quality, moisture, temperature or voltage. In our solution, the data is retrieved from several sources and presented fully analysed. This provides a complete and simple overview of the condition on your machine, including concrete follow-up recommendations.    

You can link it to external data sources, such as electricity prices, weather forecasts, traffic, documents and non-physical measurements. An example of a continuous measurement is the power consumption of each piece of equipment. This can include a calculation of energy consumption within a given time frame, as well as notification of recommended measures. 

This point of departure provides you with virtually endless possibilities for the condition monitoring of your equipment. 

Typical measurment points:

Measurment points of servi monitor

In the Servi Motor, we customise the measurement points to your preferred monitoring options. The illustration above provides a few examples of measurement points you can monitor in your machine in real time.  

servi monitor - analyze your machine


Hydraulics knowledge from Servi in your digital monitoring

Thanks to monitoring and our expertise in hydraulics, electrical engineering and automation, you can migrate your machinery to Industry 4.0 – and be fully equipped for a digital future. 
- Morten Brøvig Thomassen, CTO, Servi Group


What distinguishes the Servi Motor from comparable solutions: 

  • You are provided with a custom dashboard specially developed by Servi, with a main focus on hydraulics, electrical engineering and automation
  • You can connect it to all types of machinery, regardless of manufacturer or function 
  • Your company owns the data retrieved from your machines. Data can be transferred to internal systems without limitation
  • Access control provides an easy overview and handling of customers and data
  • End customers can provide access to their employees for easy administration
  • All data is secure and encrypted using the latest technologies  


Servi Group – your full-service supplier

  • A history and expertise in power and motion control that dates all the way back to 1912
  • Norway’s largest pool of expertise in hydraulics power and associated technologies
  • Provider of everything from components and sensors to data transfer, condition monitoring and presentation of big data
  • Nationwide network of installation, service and maintenance experts 


Higher uptime and improved operational reliability with SLS

Servi assumes responsibility for the maintenance of your machine and, in doing so, extends the service life of your machinery. Reuse, digital monitoring and regular service ensure this. We call this Servi Lifecycle Services. 

The Servi Monitor is an important part of our ability to provide our systems with first-rate service and maintenance.  

The quality of our hydraulic systems is our responsibility throughout the service life, not only until delivery. This is beneficial to the environment and it offers resource savings and predictability. 

Read more about our SLS service agreement

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