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Green technology

Focus on green technology and CO2 reduction measures.

Our customers know they have a service partner that proactively meets society’s demands for sustainable energy use and reduced environmental impact. Here are some of our solutions.

Servi Lifecycle Services offer advice and guidance
Our SLS advisors have extensive experience and expertise in green technology. We are at your disposal when it comes to reconstructions or alterations and can offer consultancy services on, for example, ISO 5001-initiated projects. 

Green technology for older equipment
Green technology can be retrofitted to existing equipment. Our up-to-date technologies and smart monitoring systems provide significant improvements in equipment energy use and reduce costs and environmental impact.

Servi Smart Monitoring
Our complete system for monitoring oil status can be installed on both new and older equipment. It measures particle content, water content, temperature and viscosity and calculates oil lifetime and the time until the next oil change. It shows sensor data locally and enables encrypted cloud-based storage with access to real-time data around the clock and year round.

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