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CBM™ and CSM™ – self-lubricating and maintenance-free
Self-lubricating and maintenance-free plain bearings from GGB
Meta-Polymer bearings

Plain bearings – for challenging environments

Servi has been supplying bearings to Norwegian industry for more than 70 years. Hydropower, smelting, paper and other mainland industries were the biggest markets for many years, but more recently the challenging markets of marine, offshore and subsea have grown to provide our largest customer base.

We have extensive technical expertise and experience in, for example, self-lubricating bearings for challenging environments and sectors, making Servi a valuable partner when it comes to your plain bearing needs. We supply self-lubricating plain bearings from GGB, one of the world’s leading manufacturers. In addition, we now supply ceramic ball and roller bearings. These are also suitable for use in the harshest of environments and most challenging of applications. Contact us for more information on how we can provide the best solutions for your bearing needs. Download and complete the form to design your plain bearings

– CBM™ and CSM™ – self-lubricating and maintenance-free
– DU™ and DP4™ – self-lubricating and maintenance-free
– GAR MAX™ and HPMB™ – self-lubricating composite
– Cerobear – ceramic bearings

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DX - Grease lubricated bearings
- Slide layer of POM (acetal copolymer).
- Saving replacement for bronze bearings.
- Low friction with only a marginal amount of grease.
- Backing in steel.
- Available as a straight bearing, washer and plates.

3D models

EP Polymer and Composite bearings
- Self-lubricating slide bearings.
- Different types with different properties.
- Available as a straight bearing, flanged bearings, washer, solid rods, etc..

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DP4 - Self-lubricating or lubricated slide bearings
- Lead-free alternative to DU - new first choice!
- Slide layer of PTFE (Teflon).
- Low friction with or without oil.
- Backing in steel or bronze.
- Available as a straight bearing, flanged bearings, washer mm.

DU and DU-B - Self-lubricating bearings
- Slide layer of PTFE (Teflon)
- Low friction without lubrication
- Backing in steel or bronze
- Available as a straight bearing, flanged bearings washer etc.
- Industry's first choice more than 50 years

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GarMax / HSG (High Strength GarMax) / HPM / HPF - Glass fiber reinforced composite
- Self-lubricating slide bearings.
- Extreme strength of vibration and impact.
- Stable dimensions in water.
- Available as a straight bearing, washer, disc etc.

Datasheet Filament Wound
Datasheet Gar Max
Datasheet HSG MegaLife XT
3D models

GGB plain bearings deliver exceptionally good performance, even in the most demanding of conditions, and tolerate sizeable variations in load, speed and temperature. The self-lubricating materials ensure high resistance to wear and tear, chemicals, cavitation, flow erosion and fatigue, making the bearings suitable for a range of applications and industries.

Low friction coefficients eliminate the need for lubrication, result in less wear and tear and extend bearing lifespans.

The bearings are ideal for applications requiring long service life without regular maintenance, or operating conditions involving little or no lubrication.

The bearings eliminate the need for lubrication systems for curing and machining processes, thereby helping to reduce shaft costs. Compact all-in-one designs are space- and weight-saving and allow for easier installation.

Lead-free self-lubricating bearings comply with increasingly stringent environmental regulations, such as those in the RoHS directive relating to electrical and electronic equipment.

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