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Windscreen wipers for marine use
Windscreen wipers for marine use
Windscreen wipers for EX Zones 1
Windscreen wipers for EX Zones 1

Windscreen wipers systems for marine and offshore use

Servi supplies Wynn electrical windscreen wipers for use in marine environments and we supply our own pneumatic wipers for use in explosive zones. We also offer a wide range of other marine products, including control systems, coolers, horns, sunscreens and cathodic protection systems, etc.

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Servi Vision Control 

This is the most reliable and advanced control system for wipers currently on the market and continues to offer value for money. 

– SVC can communicate and work with the majority of control system types 
– The maximum number of wipers is 250 
– You can have your own logo or designs on touch screens 
– You can choose from a variety of methods for controlling windscreen wipers, navigation lights, horns, deck lights, heaters, solar protection, pumps and internal lighting with dimmer switches, etc.

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