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Shock absorbers and vibration dampers for industrial and offshore use
Shock absorbers and vibration dampers for industrial and offshore use

Shock absorbers for industrial and offshore use

Servi supplies a wide range of ITT Enidine shock absorbers and vibration dampers for industrial and offshore use. We can isolate vibrations in anything from the smallest electronics cabinet up to the largest generator enclosures and provide energy absorption for the smallest of shocks up to the heavy duty requirements of crane buffers and suspended loads.

Enidine has been developing products that extend equipment life, improve comfort and increase safety and reliability for 50 years. Servi can provide numerous customer testimonials and name iterative projects where Enidine has become a “permanent fixture”.

Wire dampers for vibration damping 
ITT Enidine wire dampers protect valuable equipment by limiting the effects of shock and vibrations. The dampers isolate vibrations from any direction, require no maintenance and are especially suitable for harsh environments.

Adjustable dampers
Enidine’s ECO OEM and OEMXT adjustable hydraulic shock absorbers provide maximum flexibility. By turning the adjusting screw, it is possible to adjust the dampers to work for a wide range of speeds and forces.

Heavy duty dampers 
Enidine’s HD/HDN series of powerful shock absorbers protect equipment from major shocks and impacts. Example applications include end buffers for crane tracks and energy absorption in large construction projects. The range accommodates a variety of stroke lengths and damping properties.

Jarret shock absorbers
Jarret shock absorbers are designed and built on the principle of compressing special silicone elastomers containing air bubbles (Jarret patent). These properties allow the Jarret device to be designed as an energy storage device (a spring) or an energy absorption device (a shock absorber) – or a combination of the two. This solution allows the damper to return to its original position without the need for springs or gas.

Polyurethane buffers
The buffers are manufactured from expanded polyurethane. The structure consists of open and closed cells, which yields high performance and excellent elasticity and energy absorption. The material can withstand harsh environments and is highly durable.

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