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As the years have past, salmon cages have grown larger and the need for new and dedicated equipment to the handle the larger cages has arrisen. Conventional ring washers are mounted on service boats or connected to work boats with hoses and cables and their use is time consuming and labour intensive. Servi is now proud to present a 100% self propelled and self contained ring washer which is capable of all washing operations and requires only two operators.

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During the development of the wahing raft, technical personnel from the farms, cage manufacturers and washing contractors were all consulted and provided valuable input to the the new raft concept. The teamwork resulted in a raft which covers all washing and service needs in an efficient, safe and economical manner. The ring washing raft has been tested for two years and has successfully washed 170 kilometers of cage rings. The raft has excelled during trials and users have been particularly pleased that no dissasembly of the net cage anchoring system is required and work is carried out in a safe and comfortable fashion. The time taken to wash one ring is around 20 minutes.

Length: 14.9m
Width: 8.5m
Fuel storage capacity: 2x2,500l
Fresh water storage capacity: 500l

2 thrusters with 380-420kg thrust each for fore/aft manouvering
2 thrusters with 270-300kg thrust each for sideways manouvering
The thrusters are used to position the raft during hoisting of the floating rings. During the washing process the thrusters aren't used as the raft grips onto the rings.

Crane and deck machinery
1 Palfinger crane equipped with either manual or electric remote control operation. The crane can also be specified with a winch.
2 additional 10 ton winches for hoisting and positioning of the floating rings

Hydraulic System
The raft is supplied with an electrically driven hydraulic power unit (HPU). The HPU features 2 axial piston pumps of 75cm3 capacity with load sensing control and a cooler on the oil return line. Emergency stop buttons for the HPU are placed close to the deck mounted hydraulic machines.

Pressure Washer
The raft is equipped with a hand held pressure washer for sea water featuring 400bar and 58 l/min water flow. A 40 m long hose is stored on a stainless steel hose reel. The lance features turbonozzles and the suction side is equipped with a sea water filter.

Mooring and fendering
The raft is equipped with 8 certified mooring bollards, 2 fore, 2 aft and 2 on each side. The raft also features aluminium fender rails along the deck edge and the water line

Fire and Rescue Equipment
Fire and rescue equipment consists of:
1 off Viking liferaft sized for 4 persons
6 off hand held fire extinugsihers
2 off life saving buoys
1 off 75kg anchor with 15m of 1/2" anchor chain
1 coil of 24mm anchor rope for anchoring or mooring
Automatic fire extinguishers for Engine and machine rooms

Sanitary facilities and equipment

The raft is equipped with the following facilities for personnel:

  • Workbench with integrated fridge
  • Toilet room with electric toilet pump and washing basin both plumbed to a secptic tank
  • Fresh water supply from innbord fresh water tank and electric water pump
  • Electrically powered hot water heater

High pressure washing system
The raft is supplied ready for installation of the system specified by the customer

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