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Servi CleanHealth – ergonomic and effective fish table

As part of the Servi CleanFarm, we are developing Servi CleanHealth, a fish health table for use onboard net pens or vessels. Ergonomics and efficiency were prioritised when developing the table, which is used for both lice counting and general measurements.

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A pleasant journey for fish

CleanHealth is designed to make the journey from narcosis to net pen as comfortable as possible for the fish. Acid-resistant materials have been used and the inside of the containers is painted white. The fish are placed in a container that gently pushes them to the animal technician, who can then easily pick up and place the fish back in the net. The recovery container has a continuous flow of water and can be fitted with working lights, a cutting board, blood collectors and other extra equipment.

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We cover the entire life cycle 

Servi provides maintenance services that help extend the life cycle of systems and components. As our customer, we make sure that you can: 

  • Maximise your system uptime 
  • Safeguard safety 
  • Enjoy longer service life through preventive maintenance 
  • Prevent a negative environmental impact 
  • Save time and money on both labour and equipment 
  • Digital system monitoring ensures energy-efficient solutions and prevents wear and damage

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Digital health overview

As part of our life cycle approach, we take advantage of the possibilities offered by digital monitoring to reduce the use of resources and increase the service life of systems and components. For our aquaculture products, this provides our customers with an advantage in terms of HSE training, system uptime, predictable service, energy efficiency and resource use.  

Focus on HSE

The goal of zero injuries has become an important part of how we think and work, with a strong commitment to continuous improvement. We focus on the prevention of personal injuries, work-related illness and accidents. Consequently, we incorporate safety and security into all of our product designs. 

Read more about health, safety, security and the environment (HSSM) at Servi.

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