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Servi green technology

Servi Green Technology

We want to help our customers to keep environmental impact and energy consumption to a minimum. Therefore we meet market needs for green technologies and customised solutions.

We’re always looking for ways to meet the customer’s needs and improve their products. Good interaction and teamwork between our various disciplines have allowed us to focus on energy-saving systems and on improving environmental footprints. We call this our “green technology”. 

Significant energy and cost savings
We have expertise in a number of domains, which we use to develop products in areas such as green technology. Our green technology concept was specifically designed to optimise energy consumption in hydraulic units. 

Servi Green HPU is a system that reduces the energy supplied to electric motors in hydraulic systems. A typical system often runs at 30 percent power while in idle mode. Using green technology, we can reduce energy consumption from 30 to 2.5 percent. This represents an enormous energy saving and results in a completely different load on the system.
green hpu - both sides

The world is moving towards electrical systems, which is why we developed Servi Hybrid Drive. Servi Hybrid Drive is a completely closed system using only an electrical connection while retaining hydraulic properties such as attenuation and strong forces. When we stop a hybrid system, the energy supply is reduced to zero. This has a considerable effect on energy bills. With this we are able to offer a cost-effective system that can be easily integrated into the customer’s own system.

Hybrid drive - cylinder

Servi Monitor – Smart machine monitoring
Digitalization makes it possible to streamline the use of resources and optimise the maintenance of your machine. Servi Monitor enables condition-based maintenance through real-time alerts, recommendations and historical trends.

Servi Monitor - Alarms

Servi Lifecycle Services – service that’s available wherever you are

Focus on your company’s core business and let Servi take care of your maintenance. Our Servi Lifecycle Services agreements include inspection and status testing based on operating patterns and environment. This ensures maximum uptime and a longer service life for your installation.

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Service and maintainance - change of filter

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