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Servi CleanFleet

Servi CleanFleet – doing the job for you

In partnership with Kystteknikk Yards, we offer Servi CleanFleet, a self-propelled ring washer that uses self-generated power to do the job for you. The fleet can be operated by two persons and has everything needed to carry out all operations, such as ring washing and service, as well as lifting operations using a crane.

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Larger pen nets require better equipment

In line with the growth of the industry, the need for better equipment is also increasing. Larger pen nets means more extensive washing, making efficiency even more critical. This is a time-consuming process and the Servi CleanFleet was developed to offer a more effective solution.

Less time spent on ring washing – more time for everything else

During the development of the fleet, animal technicians, net pen manufacturers and operative experts familiar with today’s use and service routines were consulted. Over the course of a two-year test period, size, effectiveness and safety aspects were all fine-tuned. The results have been almost exclusively positive and users are especially pleased to not have to attach a crowfoot when using the CleanFleet.

The Servi CleanFleet has washed a total of 200 km of rings without any problems. It takes only 20 minutes to clean a ring, including the base ring, and the process is both comfortable and safe.


We maintain a strong focus on energy-efficient and smart solutions. That is why the Servi CleanFleet requires less energy and diesel than a work boat due to the shorting working time. This also extends the service life of the product.


  • The fleet is 14.9 metres long and 8.5 metres wide
  • Manually and electronically operated crane
  • Equipped with electric HPU
  • High-pressure washer designed for seawater, with 400 bar pressure and 58 l/min. water output
  • Four robust mooring pulleys: two in the front, two on the back and two on each side of the fleet
  • Includes fire and rescue equipment, sanitary facilities and appliances
  • The fleet is delivered ready for use and adapted to specific preferences


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Servi has set itself the goal of zero accidents. That is why we incorporate safety and security into all of our product designs. The use of the Servi CleanPump does not require any heavy lifting and a single user can control the entire process. When several people are needed to operate a machine, communication problems often have undesirable consequences.  

Read more about our safety philosophy.

Sustainable design 

The product is the result of sustainable development. When farmed fish escape from nets, they enter wild populations, which leads to genetic changes. The pump reduces fish escape, so that future generations can avoid genetic disorders from farmed fish.  

The machine has few components. The drive unit is powered by an existing system (crane). The choice of components and surface treatment is based on a long service life of the machine. We have also chosen to use acid-resistant AISI 316L materials, which are 100% recyclable, have a longer service life and are more robust than plastic.

Why choose Servi? 

For over 100 years, Servi has built and provided products and services, both at sea and on land. Servi provides energy-efficient and smart solutions to the aquaculture industry. Thanks to our service concept and innovative digital solutions, we can extend the service life of products in harmony with the technology solutions of the future.

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