Service and Maintainance

Linear actuators

Servi Hybrid Linear Drive

Servi Hybrid Linear Drive is a hydraulic linear axis with only electrical interface for control. The system is hydraulically sealed and have no hydraulic exposure to the environment.

Servi Hybrid Linear Drive (SHLD) is a complete system with integrated volume compensation. SHLD is available in a low intensity version for less frequent operated systems and a high intensity version with capabilities for frequent operation.

SHLD has pressure transducers for force monitoring and possibility for force control as an option. There is also an option to integrate positionfeedback and by that have a closed loop force and position control of the unit.

The health status of the unit is monitored by advanced sensors and is tuned toward predicative maintenance of the unit.

SHLD is a very energy efficient system by a high performance drive system and energy consumption only when operated.

Features & Benefits

•Full cylinder fixing flexibility
•Retrofit possibility
•No stroke limitations
•No force limitations
•100% electrical interface
•With force an position feedback (option)
•Advanced control of force and position
•Advanced system health monitoring
•No need for piping or other hydraulic installations
•Full flexibility for main control system interface
                                          servi hybrid cylinder

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