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Sliding bearings


We stock slide bearings from the known supplier GGB (formerly Glacier Garlock Bearings). Slide bearings are available as straight bushings, flanged bushings, thrust washers, plates and special products. The sliding layer may consist of PTFE or other polymers, with the metal backing or sliding material throughout. Life can be estimated in terms of load, speed, number of wear kilometers, roughness, temperature and environment.

GGB DX Sliding bearings

DX - Grease lubricated bearings

  • Slide layer of POM (acetal copolymer).

  • Saving replacement for bronze bearings.

  • Low friction with only a marginal amount of grease.

  • Backing in steel.

  • Available as a straight bearing, washer and plates.


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 GGB EP sliding bearing

EP Polymer and Composite bearings

  • Self-lubricating slide bearings.

  • Different types with different properties.

  • Available as a straight bearing, flanged bearings, washer, solid rods, etc..


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 ggb dp4 sliding bearing

DP4 - S

elf-lubricating or lubricated slide bearings

  • Lead-free alternative to DU - new first choice!

  • Slide layer of PTFE (Teflon).

  • Low friction with or without oil.

  • Backing in steel or bronze.

  • Available as a straight bearing, flanged bearings, washer mm.

DU sliding bearing 

DU and DU-B - Self-lubricating bearings

  • Slide layer of PTFE (Teflon)

  • Low friction without lubrication

  • Backing in steel or bronze

  • Available as a straight bearing, flanged bearings washer etc.

  • Industry's first choice more than 50 years


 garmax sliding bearing

GarMax / HSG (High Strength GarMax) / HPM / HPF - Glass fiber reinforced composite

  • Self-lubricating slide bearings.

  • Extreme strength of vibration and impact.

  • Stable dimensions in water.

  • Available as a straight bearing, washer, disc etc..

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